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My Crush Won’t Respond to My Emails (´・ω・`) [Help!]
In April of 2012, I unleashed a monster, and now it’s time to lay it to rest.

Several months back, I went looking through the “Crazy Lunatic” tag on the same summary site the Denko saga was on, hoping to find more 2ch threads along those lines. Instead, I found a lot of stuff that was just downright creepy and not entertaining enough to translate.

However, I also found Part 0 of the saga. A thread posted a week before what was thought to be the first thread.

It’s awfully short, but here it is.

When the earthquake happened earlier in the month, I was worried about her (we’ll call her A-ko), so I desperately called her house.
Her mother answered, “A-ko’s out right now, so you should call her yourself, ___.”
Then she told me her phone number and email.
I quickly called her about 100 times. And sent about 50 emails, too.
Finally, I got a reply from A-ko.
"Oh, so this address is yours, ___… I’m fine, but why do you know my email?"
Then I explained the events, and accidentally confessed my love to A-ko in the process.
But she hasn’t responded since, and I’m worried something might have happened to her.
I’ve sent over 600 emails by now… Is that okay? (´・ω・`)

Total lunatic.

>I’ve sent over 600 emails by now… Is that okay? (´・ω・`)

Yes, I see. You’re a complete and utter stalker. Thank you.

You gotta sent at least 1000 or so.

You do know you’re a stalker, right?

If you’re that worried, OP, don’t send her emails, meet her in person!
About time you check up on where she lives, eh?

I’ve been to her house a bunch of times…
I’m worried, so I’ve been putting letters in her mailbox. (´・ω・`)
Since I guess it’s a common practice here, I’ll email whatever’s in post 30.

What a concerned soul…
Try sending another 800 emails.

Send “Are you okay?” 500 times.

#2ch (#30)
Yep… That sure is a loser with too much time on their hands.

^ Well, I’ll send this. (´・ω・`)


She changed her email…

Ouch, dude.

Over before it even began, rofl…

Just saw this and OH MY GOD.

Six friggin’ hundred… What a nutjob…

This isn’t funny, guys!
I just called her house and no one answered, so I left a message on the answering machine for now… (´・ω・`)
I’ve never liked someone as much as this, so my chest really hurts…
Help me…

Check her house!
Maybe something happened!

So, what are your emails like?

A-ko and I have been in the same class since primary school, but neither of us has ever really been able to advance things…
We were in different high schools, but we happened to go to the same college, so I feel like it’s pretty fateful…

^ Are you okay, A-ko?! I’m really worried. Please answer if you’re safe.
Something like that… (´・ω・`)

And the answering machine message?

"It’s ___. Is A-ko’s mother there? I’m worried if your daughter is safe, so please call back as soon as possible."
I was kind of nervous, so I might have said some weird stuff.

Even if her house is close, it would be way too stalkery if I hid waiting for her, right?
I’m calling again, but I need you guys to think of a way to ensure I’ll get a reply… (´・ω・`)

Sounds like a crisis… Is her house in north Honshuu?

It’s in the city. (´・ω・`)

Info on OP?

176 cm, 55 kg, sort of a ladies man face.

Troll or not, 600 emails is lollable.
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