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Over a year after the release of version 1.02 (and a little less than a year after the release of my translation), Ib has been updated to version 1.04. (1.03 was an intermediate version: 1.02 with smaller filesize, and it was only available on compilation CDs and stuff.)

I may post a complete list of changes later, but here are the big ones:
- The music is compressed, so the filesize is smaller. (About time.)
- There are new paintings and conversations to find in old areas.
- A new branch is available that leads to two new endings.
- After any good ending (read: Ib escapes), you can start the game over, keeping track of your endings and such.
- After you beat the game once and continue as mentioned above, a new dungeon becomes accessible in the final area.

I haven’t tested old saves with 1.04, but if you have an old save just before an ending, you might be able to save some time if you want to see the extra dungeon ASAP.

I tried to test this as quickly yet thoroughly as possible, so please report any issues with missing text or the like.

Oh yeah, and Ib 1.02? 417,011 total downloads.

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