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Ayano’s Happiness Theory


What I thought back on was, again, my family;
“Ayano’s your big sister, so get along with her, everyone!”

In a little house with red brick walls,
They whisper to each other, as if making secret plans
In the three pairs of red eyes brought here
Lies a past they’ve hidden from adults…

With fear in their eyes, they cry “I’m just a monster,”
So I tell them, “That’s not true at all,”
“Red is the color of a hero, so there’s no need to be afraid…”

Wondering what they’d find fun, I’m playing the big sister again;
“Hey, look at this!” I wrapped myself up in a red scarf;
“We’re like secret agents!”

Dyed in madder red, we’ll begin, even if we’re merely playing heroes
“As long as we can manage just a little smile…” We’ll be family still today…

I pray for happiness in the future ahead, so however sad it may be…
“Now keep this a secret!” The sun sets with us laughing…

The spring breeze blows, and the now-adult world
Is irrationally bent, as if conspired to be
The thick and faded tears of loved ones
Go unnoticed by all, turning black…

Things had gone crazy, but by the time I noticed,
I couldn’t tell anyone…
“No, no, I don’t want to be destroyed…”
There came a world where happiness ends…

"Madder red, please. No more; don’t bring ruin to anyone else’s future."
I thought as I cried again, keeping it hidden with a smile…

"If I had those red eyes myself, could I save someone’s future?"
Awkward and shameful, this is my lonely plan…

Now that I’m gone, I wonder if those secret agents
Are still getting along, and smiling together?
I’m sure they must be upset with me…
But I wonder if I’ve become their “big sister” now…

Please try to remember that word I loved;
“Happiness” is a curious thing,
So I hope you can love tomorrow…

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